I made my own New Fish 2+1 EPS board 2021, and as much as I like light boards, the lightness of EPS is awesome! and 2+1 fin set up is easier to ride than the Twin fins. I like it so much that I can’t ride any other board. I told my friend about it and he said “I want to order that 2+1 Kuma Fish with Future” , but then problem happened. When I put the Future 2+1 fin box in, the fin box is longer than the fins , and when we drill a hole to put the back fin box in, it pops out and makes a hole in the swallow tail, so We had to use the FCS2 only. However, We decided to make a Future fin for customers who really want to use Future fins. We made the decision to create a Future fin specially for Kuma Fish 2+1, New Fish 2+1, Chill out.

The first step in creating our original fins was to find a company collaborate with to make the fins. We found a connection with Alkari Fins, a company that makes fins in Australia QLD, and they agreed to work with us to make the fins.

The next step was to make a template, using thick paper, draw the fins by hand, until I’m satisfied. and cut them out with a cutter and trim them with sandpaper to complete.

I sent the template to Alkari Fins and waited for the sample fins to arrive.

I wait about 2 months.

Finally, the sample fins arrived!

so stocked!!!!

The day after the sample fins arrived, I immediately tested the fins . I started with the New Fish 2+1 and Drive south for 20 minutes to avoid the crowds.

There were 3 local surfers on the peak, so I went inside to wait for a while. After that, I rode about 10 waves and finished the first day’s fin test.

Second day of testing.

Goofy is breaking nicely on a different beach than yesterday.

I used board is same “New Fish 2+1″as yesterday. The backside (I am regular surfer) was not loose on this day, and the drive and loose feel felt good.

Test day 3

Checked the same beach as yesterday, Fun goofy waves and only 2 surfers. tested with Kuma Fish twin fins this day. First wave, when I push in the turn, the tail slides. and I ride regular wave but it’s still loose.

Test day 4

I wanted to test on good quality regular waves, so I checked out Currumbin. I tested with the same twin fins board as yesterday. It was still loose. I could see it clearly! This 2+1 fin does not fit twin fins. The reason is obvious! the angle of the fins . For the twin fins of Kuma Fish and New Fish angle is 4°. The sample fins were made with a 5° angle, so the fins is too open for twin fins and does not hold the wave.

We also made Kuma Fish twin fins !

The Alkari x KUMA collaboration fins, 2+1 and Twin fins available on our website. https://kumasurf.com.au

we are looking forward to your orders!