Three months after winning the Global Shapers Challenge, sponsored by MF SOFTBOARDS and WSL. I received an email from Kurt (MF SOFTBOARDS product designer and developer) asking if I would like to come for an interview, and of course I said “YES”.

On the interview day, I drove alone to Byron Bay, where MF Softboards office was located.

Arrived at MF office and found Kurt. And there was a line of 5 of all sizes of freshly made Kuma Fish!

Super stocked!


I was so excited to get my first Softboards from Kumasurfboards.

I checked the board, I found that the rail edge was different from my shape. so I asked MF staff about it. I was relieved to hear his advice that the rail in a Softboards should have an edge. Because without an edge, the rail would go too far into the turn.I was also concerned about the thickness of board. They are wrapped on both side with 5mm sponge, so they are 10mm thicker than a normal board so looks super thicker. but good to kids and fun surfers. because more safe.

I am starting the interview for the first time in my life.

I thought I would nervous, but Kurt was very friendly and easy to talk to, and he saying ” We’ll leave camera rolling and edit it later, so it’s okey if you a mistake. The interview was casual, so shoot ended with a relaxed atmosphere.

When I was about to leave. Kurt said ” You can take one KumaFish home” So I decided to get the 5’10” for my 4 year old son.

Thank you MFsoftboards give to me couple Kuma Fish.

Super Stocked!

Big Arigato-!