Shapers x KUMA 2+1 Fin


Shapers x Kumasurfbords collaboration 2+1 fin.

The new Shapers 2+1 fin uses the same 2+1 KUMA original template for the side fins. 

The back fin template was changed to a larger size to give it more drive.

Design for the Kuma Fish 2+1 & New Fish 2+1 & Chill out. This large modern template fin makes maximum speed and control through turns. The mini stabiliser keeps the engaged to prevent sliding out and add more control and pivot. Enjoy!

Colour : 1 colour (Black & White)
Construction : Fiberglass
Side fin
Height : 5.59”
Base : 5.11”
Foil : Flat
Angle : 5°
Back fin
Height : 4.01”
Base : 3.74”



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