Kuma started surfing at the age of 20 and has been captivated by surfing ever since.

So much so, he became interested in surfboard making and decided to make the move to Australia.
Kuma went to many surfboard factories in search of a job, but was refused every day. Unable to suppress his enthusiasm, he remodeled a rented house and created a shape room to start making boards himself.

Kuma was introduced to Darren Handley (shaper of DHDsurfboards) through a friend . Although he could not speak English well, he started learning from sanding, and gradually Kuma’s passion and diligence was rewarded and he was entrusted with other processes. Finally he started learning shaping from Darren and became involved in the board of many famous riders.

Kuma is now an integral part of DHD Australia and can handle all facets of board making.

In 2016  Kuma started his own brand, KUMAsurfboards, making full use of his experience and knowledge of the surf industry.